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Pimenta L, Díaz OR, León PM, Bellera AF, Da Silva MM
Microendoscopic diskectomy and interbody fusion (MEDIF): Results of a minimally invasive technique
Acta Ortop Mex 2005; 19 (s1)

Language: Inglés
References: 21
Page: 11-14
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Minimally invasive surgery techniques for the cervical spine such as anterior microendoscopic diskectomy and interbody fusion (MEDIF) to treat degenerative disease with central cord compression are not managed by all spine surgeons and yet they may be one of the treatments of choice. This study reports a series of patients treated with the METRx® system. Objectives. To show the clinical and surgical results of minimally invasive techniques in treating cervical degenerative disease. Material and methods. Between February 1998 and August 2002, a prospective study was conducted to assess the MEDIF treatment with threaded titanium cages in patients with cervical root disease with and without myelopathy. We used an endoscopic system to perform the surgical procedures and follow-up was based on the Odom clinical criteria and X-rays. Results. Forty-four patients were operated on (53 levels); 86% of them had good or excellent results; 89% had fusion. No implant migration was seen. Three patients required foraminotomy within 12 months after surgery because of unilateral radiculopathy at a cervical level other than the one treated. The average hospital stay was 12 hours and 75% of patients were able to return to work within 30 days after surgery.

Key words: Endoscopy, diskectomy, radiculopathy.


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