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Peña-Guevara JC, Berumen-Nafarrete E, Aguirre-Madrid A, Vallejo-Ponce J, Riva-Muñoz I, Núñez-Valdez JA
Anatomically-designed shoulder hemiarthroplasty made after 3-D models and implanted in a child with rheumatoid arthritis. A case report
Acta Ortop Mex 2005; 19 (s1)

Language: Inglés
References: 48
Page: 51-55
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Introduction. Shoulder arthroplasty is unusual at an early age. Diseases such as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, however, warrant this kind of treatment because the shoulder pain and limited range of motion significantly compromise function. Case report. Male patient, 14 years old, diagnosed as having juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, with a deforming and disabling history, and broad glenohumeral destruction confirmed by X-rays. A prosthesis was designed after the natural anatomy of the patient according to preoperative planning using a 3-D anatomical model based on CT slices. Left shoulder hemiarthroplasty was performed with functional and pain improvement according to the UCLA score.

Key words: arthroplasty, shoulder, child, rheumatoid arthritis.


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