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Montiel-Jarquín A, Barragán-Hervella R, López-Cázares G, Lima-Ramírez P, Lázaro-Michaca G, Vallecillo-Velázquez H, Sánchez-Durán M, Medina-Escobedo C, Villatoro-Martínez A
Concordance between preoperatory diagnosis and arthroscopy findings of meniscal lesions associated to anterior cruciate ligament injury
Acta Ortop Mex 2015; 29 (5)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 266-270
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Introduction: Ligament injuries of the knee joint are common during the second and third decades of life, clinical and radiological diagnosis presents difficulties since the surgical findings may differ significantly. The objective is to determine correlation between clinical-radiologic and arthroscopic diagnosis in patients with injury of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscal lesions. Material and methods: Cross-sectional study held in 29 patients with ACL injury associated to meniscal lesions treated arthroscopically. Variables were age, gender, affected side, preoperative and postoperative diagnosis, type and location of meniscal injury; descriptive statistics and Cohen Kappa for concordance were used. Results: There were 29 patients, 23 (79.3%) men and 6 (20.7%) women, mean age 39.04 (15-50) ± 13.19 years; right side was affected in 69% and left in 31%; 19% had not meniscal lesion, 17.2% had injury in anterior horn, 10.3% in posterior horn and 6.9% in the body. The concordance between preoperative and artroscopic diagnosis was: Kappa 0.2; intraboservador was Kappa 1.0; between suspected meniscal injury and arthroscopic findings was: Kappa 0.2. Conclusions: The concordance between the clinical-radiological and arthroscopic diagnosis in patients with ACL injuries and meniscal injury associated is low, which has to be considered in the initial review and the arthroscopic treatment of patients.

Key words: Meniscal injury, ACL injury, concordance, preoperative diagnosis, postoperative diagnosis.


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>Journals >Acta Ortopédica Mexicana >Year 2015, Issue 5

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