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De los Santos-Briones S, Cruz-Lavadores DM, Chávez-Chan MJ
The study of self-explanatory materials like strategy to increase the execution in the integration of the clinical file
Rev Biomed 2003; 14 (4)

Language: Español
References: 14
Page: 227-237
PDF: 45.75 Kb.

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Objective. To test an intervention strategy in order to increase the level of execution of the established normative approaches for the handling of the clinical file in a health center.
Material and Methods. A quasi-experimental design was used. 314 files were evaluated in the first measurement and 374 files in the second, by means of a questionnaire adapted from the Program of Continuous Improvement of the Quality of Medical Attention of the Secretary of Health. The intervention strategy consisted in training health personnel by means of self-explanatory materials. The degree of knowledge and the level of execution of the normative approaches were compared before and after the strategy. The “t student” test for paired data and for unpaired data was used as a statistic test.
Results. According to the first measurement, only in 14.58% of the consultations was medical attention registered in the clinical file; after the intervention the use of the clinical file was increased until 63.90% of the granted consultations. An increment was documented in the execution of the established normative approaches in all the items evaluated. The biggest observed change corresponded to the elder attention item (from 2.4 points on the average before the intervention to 6.29 points later, with a difference of 3.89 points; p=0.0001). The smallest observed change corresponded to medical notes (from 7.72 points before the intervention, to 8.61 later, with a difference of 0.97 points, p‹0.0001).
Conclusions. The study of self-explanatory materials demonstrated to be an effective strategy to increase the level of execution of the established technical and normative approaches for the registration of the clinical file in the unit headquarters of the investigation.

Key words: clinical file, intervention studies, quality in medical assistance.


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>Journals >Revista Biomédica >Year 2003, Issue 4

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