Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

González MC, Herrera HVM, Moscoso LL, López TDJ
Stability of the proximal tibial osteotomy Coventry type: Is it necessary to use staples ?
Acta Ortop Mex 2005; 19 (3)

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References: 21
Page: 104-108
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Forty two Coventry high tibial osteotomies (HTO) using conventional staples and cast immobilization make in patients with osteoarthrosis of the medial compartment of the knee, were compared to forty five using cast immobilization alone without staple and neither internal fixation; the median follow-up was 7.2 years. The data was subjected to student’s test. At the final follow-up examination, in the group of the forty two osteotomies with staple and cast, thirty two knees (76%) improved and pain at rest was absent and mild to walking long distances (VAS). In the group of the forty five osteotomies with cast immobilization alone, thirty five knees (78%) were pain relief at rest and mild to walking long distances (VAS). These results suggest that high HTO can be performed without using Coventry staple and neither other internal fixation.

Key words: osteotomy, tibial, casts, surgical.


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