Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Palacios BF
Bone allograft preserved in benzalkonium chloride (Clinic and histological analysis in adults)
Acta Ortop Mex 2005; 19 (3)

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Page: 116-121
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The use of allograft kept in benzalkonium chloride was first reported in Mexico in 1999 in a study of 70 children reporting an integration rate of 98.5%. This study was undertaken to evaluate functional outcomes of allograft kept in benzalkonium chloride in adult patients, and to examine the histological characteristics of this type of graft, for which there had been no previous study. Methods. With patient consent, surplus reconstructive surgery bone tissue was harvested from 22 adult patients, debrided, and kept in benzalkonium chloride for a period of 6 to 24 months prior to its use in various surgical pathology of patients requiring, void filling or bridging. Bacteriological and histological studies were done on the allograft before their application to the site. A clinical and radiological follow up of patients ensued from May of 2001 to December of 2004. Results. Sixteen allograft patients were evaluated for a period of two years. Twelve (75%) revealed a complete integration of the allograft to the recipient bed site. Four (25%) suffered a disintegration of at least 50% of the initially applied volume. There was no infection, rejection, nor complication related to the procedure in any of the patients. Conclusions. In this series, the integration rate was lower for the adult population than for the pediatric population, as previously reported. This is therefore a clinically acceptable rate. The absence of inherent complications to the allograft is a comforting find that adds to the safety of the procedure. It is a low cost reliable technique that can be easily duplicated.

Key words: Allograft bone transplantation, adult, benzalkonium chloride.


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