Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Tarazona-Velutini P, Romo-Rodríguez R, Saleme-Cruz J
Aneurysmatic bone cyst in the proximal phalanx of a finger. Case report and literature review
Acta Ortop Mex 2012; 26 (4)

Language: Español
References: 15
Page: 245-249
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We describe the case of a female 7 year-old patient who sustained a minor trauma in the right ring finger causing pain and functional disability. The only finding of the physical exam was pain. The imaging studies showed a distal metadiaphyseal lesion in the proximal phalanx of the ring finger that thinned the dorsal cortex. An excisional biopsy was performed and the pathology report was aneurysmatic bone cyst. The report of this lesion is interesting because it has an extremely low incidence, particularly in the hand. It is always very important to consider that hand tumors are usually benign. However, despite the fact that cartilage tumors, like enchondromas, are the most common ones, there are lesions like the one described herein with a high potential of aggressiveness and relapse that warrants several interventions.

Key words: bone cyst, finger, hand, pain.


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