Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Hinzpeter-Cohen J, Barrientos-Mendoza C, Zamorano-Cárdenas A, Cuzmar-Grimalt D, Lizama-Calvo JM, Plaza-Guzmán N
Extraarticular hip impingement: Case report
Acta Ortop Mex 2015; 29 (1)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 46-48
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Femoroacetabular impingement is the mechanical contact between the femur and the pelvis, frequently between the femur neck and the acetabular rim, whether due to a deformity of the former (cam type) or the latter (pincer type). However, there may be extraarticular causes of impingement. Together with the increased diagnosis of impingement, arthroscopic treatment is increasingly frequent and has become the standard treatment. This report analyzes a case of extraarticular hip impingement caused by contact between the femur and a prominent anteroinferior iliac spine (AIIS), probably due to a healed old avulsion and its later arthroscopic management.

Key words: hip, femoroacetabular impingement, arthrosocpy, pain.


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