Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Guzmán R, Rincón D, Camacho J
Case report and literature review: elbow fracture dislocation in children
Acta Ortop Mex 2015; 29 (2)

Language: Español
References: 14
Page: 118-122
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Elbow dislocation in children is a very infrequent traumatic event which was first described by Stimson in 1900 and then by Tachdjian in 1990. Its estimated incidence ranges from 3% to 6% of all elbow injuries, peaking at 13-14 years. Elbow trauma is classified considering the direction in which the proximal radioulnar joint shifts with respect to the humerus, into posterior and anterior dislocation. The former is the most frequent and accounts for 95% of cases. Elbow fracture dislocation is an even rarer event. The incidence rate of avulsion fracture of the medial epicondyle is 25-36%, of the lateral condyle 4%, of the olecranon 1.7%, of the radial head 8%, of the coronoid process 3.5%, and others, 3.5%. At present there is no consensus in the literature on how to treat this type of lesions, particularly because some authors advocate nonsurgical management, while others propose surgical management as the definitive treatment. What is clear, however, is that a late diagnosis or untimely treatment may affect the child’s growth and lead to serious complications. The purpose of this study is to share our experience and good results with the surgical management of these infrequent cases.

Key words: elbow, child, dislocation, incidence, surgical management.


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