Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Zyman-Corenstein J, Martínez-Del Campo SA
Orthopedic injuries associated with hip fracture
Acta Ortop Mex 2019; 33 (3)

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References: 15
Page: 169-172
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Introduction: There Is little information showing orthopedic injuries at the same time as a hip fracture. Our objective is to determine if there is association between the type of orthopedic injuries associated in patients with hip fractures and their demographic variables, fracture pattern and mechanism of injury. Material and methods: Transversal design, descriptive and retrospective. We reviewed cases with hip fractures and had an associated orthopedic lesion from November 01, 2012 to October 31, 2016. Results: We included 103 patients, of whom women 61.2%; average age 64 ± 21 years. Over 65 years old accounted for 59% (n = 61/103), 61.2% had Perthrocanteric fracture (AO/OTA type 31-A1 to A3) (n = 63), the rest of the neck (AO/OTA type 31-B1 to B3) (n = 40); 21.4% had two or more injuries associated with hip fracture (n = 22). The lesions associated with women were those of distal radio, while in males were those of the acetabulum, pelvis or others. There were No differences in sex, age, injury mechanism or number of associated injuries depending on the AO classification of the hip fracture. Discussion: There is a significant number of injuries associated with hip fractures regardless of age, sex, or location.

Key words: Fracture, hip, lesion, incidence, evolution.


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