Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

Saavedra CFJ, Hanff LE, Martínez MOA, De León ME
Arthroscopically-assisted medial plication for the treatment of relapsing patellar dislocation. Preliminary report
Acta Ortop Mex 2006; 20 (5)

Language: Español
References: 9
Page: 206-209
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Patellar dislocation may have a traumatic origin or be secondary to knee joint alterations, with predisposing factors that may occur in the lower limb, such as: abnormal knee alignment, congenital relaxation of the supporting soft tissues or muscle imbalance. Relapsing patellar dislocation is usually corrected through extensive surgical approaches to the knee aimed at centering the patella. The complications related with open techniques are restricted motion, pain or relapse of dislocation. Twelve patients with a diagnosis of relapsing patellar dislocation were seen at the South-Central Petróleos Mexicanos Hospital, and they were assessed using the Insall functional scale. The short-term results of the arthroscopically-assisted patellar centering technique were analyzed and their patellar instability-related chondral lesions were described. The results of the arthroscopically-assisted recentering procedure reported the correction of patellar instability, and a lower complication rate when compared with extensive approaches, which resulted in a quicker recovery and greater patient satisfaction. Only two cases required reoperation due to pain associated with the chondral lesions described as part of the patellar instability.

Key words: dislocation, knee, arthroscopy, pain, instability, patella, scale.


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