Acta Ortopédica Mexicana

López‑Gavito EG, Parra‑Téllez P, Pérez‑Barrera I, León‑Hernández SR, Vázquez‑Escamilla J
Pronostic factors associated with the results of subtalar arthrodesis
Acta Ortop Mex 2019; 33 (4)

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Page: 211-216
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Introduction: Subtalar arthrodesis is a surgical stabilization procedure in the isolated pathology of the subastragaline joint that does not respond to conservative treatment, its goal is to obtain a solid fusion of the joint to eliminate or improve pain and function, normalizing the distribution of foot loads and alignment of the foot. There are studied variables that interfere with the surgical outcome of patients treated with subtalar arthrodesis such as: smoking, age, sex, osteoarthritis, BMI, rehabilitation, osteosynthesis material and surgical technique. Objective: To know the prognostic factors associated with the results of subastragaline arthrodesis. Material and methods: Retrospective, longitudinal, descriptive study with review of files and conducting descriptive statistics of treated cases of August 2012- Jan 2016 with subtalar arthrodesis to identify predictive factors affecting the outcome. Results: 29 feet were analyzed, reporting a successful arthrodesis in 21 cases (72.4%), in 82.8% the surgical technique was adequate. The complication rate was 20.7% On the AOFAS scale 55.2% were reported as a very good result, 27.6% good and only 17.2% regular. The factors associated with good outcome were sex and postoperative rehabilitation. Discussion: The subtalar arthrodesis provides improvement in pain and alignment, at our service this procedure presents a success rate of 72.4%, among the factors associated with statistical significance was rehabilitation and sex.

Key words: Subtalar arthrodesis, risk factors, hind foot.


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