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Puerto FI, Zavala JE, Rosado-Franco A, Gamboa-Albornoz LJ
Serological survey of Borna Disease Virus in schizophrenic patients from Yucatan, Mexico
Rev Biomed 2004; 15 (3)

Language: Inglés
References: 34
Page: 141-147
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Background. Borna Disease Virus (BDV) is an enveloped, nonsegmented negative-strand RNA. BDV causes central nervous system disease in many vertebrate species that is frequently manifested by behavioral abnormalities. BDV naturally occurring infections were initially thought to affect only horses and sheeps in certain geographic regions of central Europe. Serological data obtained from different laboratories over the last 15 years, and recent molecular studies have shown that BDV can infect humans and might be associated with certain neuropsychiatric disorders. We report the first seroprevalence study of BDV in Latin America.
Method. Serum samples were obtained from 70 patients with a diagnostic of schizophrenia, and from 70 healthy volunteers, matched by age, sex and socialeconomical level. These samples were analyzed by two Western blot using different recombinant BDV phosphoprotein (P) in our laboratory and The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego CA, USA.
Results. The groups of schizophrenic patients were 47 males and 23 females. The average age was 40 years (range 17 to 73 years). All them borned in the Yucatan Peninsule. Diagnostic classification was made by discharge, according to ICD-10.The study showed a prevalence of serum antibodies to BDV-P of 21.43% (15/70), whereas no antibodies were found in sera from healthy subjects. No relation was found between seroprevalence and gender, age and type of schizophrenia.
Conclusions. This is in our knowledge the first study aimed at examining the prevalence of BDV in Latin America. Our results are consistent with a other reports, and support the possible association between antibodies to BDV and neuropsychiatric disease. There is need to continue with studies on this area in order to know the magnitude of this problem.

Key words: Borna Disease Virus, schizoprhenia, Yucatan, Mexico.

>Journals >Revista Biomédica >Year 2004, Issue 3
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