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July-September, 2007; Volume 3: Issue 3
Ortho-tips 2007; 3 (3)


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Introduction to the number about traumatic lesions of the cervical spine
Manuel Dufoo Olvera

[Full text - PDF]
Professors of Mexican Orthopedics. Professor Manuel Duffo Olvera
Manuel Dufoo Villegas

[Full text - PDF]
Indications from the studies of imaging in cervical trauma
Boleaga Durán, Bernardo

[Full text - PDF]
Cervical spine instability (Four x Four in orthopedics)
Fernando Helo, Germán Ochoa, Víctor Sandoval, Manuel Valencia

[Full text - PDF]
Traumatic lesions of the cervical spine in children and teenagers
Ignacio Dockendorff Briones

[Full text - PDF]
Diagnosis of cervical sprain
Marcos Alfonso Fuentes Nucamendi

[Full text - PDF]
The cervical collar in traumatic lesions (use and abuse)
Catarino López-Cavazos, Gabriel Flores-Pelcastre

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of fractures of the upper cervical spinal segment (C-0, C-1, C-2)
Sergio Anaya Vallejo

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of the fractures of the lower cervical spinal segment (C3 toT1)
Federico Cisneros Dreinhofen

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of the cervical luxation through closed reduction of the lower segment (C-3 to C-7) (Use of the cephalic halo-cast or halo vest and traction pliers)
Ozcar Felipe García López

[Full text - PDF]
Plaques or implantation in the bony fusion in order to stabilize the vertebral spine
Juan Vicente Méndez Huerta

[Full text - PDF]
Temporomandibular joint syndrome in traumatic lesions of the cervical spine
Leonor Ochoa García, Saúl Dufoo Olvera, Manuel Dufoo Villegas

Clinical Case

[Full text - PDF]
The importance of a proper initial management of the facetary cervical luxation (dislocation)
Huerta-Hernández, Gabriel, José de Jesús López-Palacios

[Full text - PDF]
A self-evaluation questionnaire on cervical lesions

[Full text - PDF]
Suggestions to perform scientific research on cervical lesions

>Journals >Ortho-tips >Year 2007

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