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November-Diciembre, 2003; Volume 17: Issue 6
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2003; 17 (6)


Research works

[Full text - PDF]
HIV-AIDS in an intensive care unit
Domínguez Cherit, Guillermo, Delia Borunda Nava, Francisco Takao Kaneko

[Full text - PDF]
Maternal mortality in the State of Mexico
Gómez Bravo Topete, Enrique, Briones Garduño, Jesús Carlos, José Guadalupe Morales Esquivel, Martín Rodríguez Roldán

[Full text - PDF]
Usefulness of the measurements of the vascular pedicle for the diagnosis of AlDS
Nelson Solórzano A, Domínguez Cherit, Guillermo, Rivero Sigarroa, Eduardo, Baltazar Torres, José Ángel

[Full text - PDF]
Comparative study of TNK-tPA vs streptokinase for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction in a general intensive care unit
Mendoza Rodríguez, Martín, José Luis Acevedo Tacuba, López González, Alfonso, Adán Nicolás Fu

>Journals >Medicina Crítica >Year 2003

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