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January-March, 2014; Volume 2: Issue 1
Rev Mex Ortodon 2014; 2 (1)



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Teacher, university academic and the right direction in the professional exercise
Montesinos Flores, Armando

Original research

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Relationship between facial golden ratio and malocclusion in Mexican patients who attended the Orthodontics Clinic at Facultad de Odontología de la Universidad Tecnológica de México during 2009 with facial aesthetics criteria evaluated with Marquardt mas
Lucía Catalina Rodríguez González, Haydee Cambrón Zárate, Manuel Vargas Rosales

[Full text - PDF]
Detection of microorganisms in newly packaged brackets of six different commercial brands
Claudia Montoya Pérez, Aguilar Acevedo, Jaime

[Full text - PDF]
Existing relationships between the size and shape of the cervical vertebrae with the stages of carpal bone maturation. Part II
Esther Ivonne Morales Domínguez, Ceferino Martínez López, Enrique González Ramírez, Canseco Jiménez, Joaquín, Cuairán Ruidíaz, Vicente

[Full text - PDF]
Physical properties of four bracket adhesives. A comparative study
Eira López Palacios, Sáez Espínola, Gabriel

[Full text - PDF]
Slot tolerance from three different commercial brands of brackets
Laura Elizabeth Martínez Pérez, Ruíz Díaz, Roberto, Gerardo Ruiz Botello, Sergio Padilla Olvera

Case reports

[Full text - PDF]
Timely attention with a set of static plates for the formation and treatment of the alveolar ridge (SPECTRA) on a patient with cleft lip palate
Mahatma José Daniel Sánchez Montes, Hernández Carvallo, José Ramón, María Alejandra Rodríguez Pérez, Durán Gutiérrez, Américo

[Full text - PDF]
Orthopedic expansion with orthodontic mini-implants: Case report
Angélica Huertas Vázquez, Grageda Núñez, Enrique

[Full text - PDF]
Orthodontic management of a patient with canine displacement associated with an unusual impaction of central incisor. Case report
Iromi Paola Martínez Acosta, Vera Serna, María Eugenia, Mora Hurtado, Rafael

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