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April-June, 2016; Volume 17: Issue 2
Rev Hematol Mex 2016; 17 (2)



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Physicians and music. The paradigm of the friendship between Billroth and Brahms
Torre-López, Enrique

[Full text - PDF]
The relation between drug companies and the physicians. Is it possible to have it healthy and clear?
Moraleda-Jiménez, José María

Original articles

[Full text - PDF]
Acquired aplastic anemia: a demographic, clinical, and therapeutic survey of a single institution in Mexico City
Gutiérrez-Serdán, Ruth, Lopez-Karpovitch, Xavier

[Full text - PDF]
Results of three schemes of treatment in patients with multiple myeloma older than 65 years
Alvarado-Ibarra, Martha, Briones-Cerecero, Rodolfo, López-Hernández, Manuel Antonio, Álvarez-Vera, José Luis, Ortiz-Zepeda, Santa Marcela, Ramos-León, Ena Marcela

[Full text - PDF]
Impact of serum free light chain measurements in diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathies, experience in Peru
Pizarro, Rommy, Samanez, C, Cartolin, M, Delgado, Florencia

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence and etiology of anemia in pregnant women given care in a first level clinic
Rosas-Montalvo, Martha, Ortiz-Zaragoza, María Catalina, Dávila-Mendoza, Rocío, González-Pedraza-Avilés, Alberto

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence of Kell (K+) antigen in samples of a blood bank
Chargoy-Vivaldo, Euler, Azcona-Cruz, María Isabel, Ramírez-Ayala, Ribani

Review articles

[Full text - PDF]
Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with autoimmune primary thrombocytopenia: should detection and erradication be rutinary?
Nava-Gómez, Jaqueline, Ortega-Barnet, Karla Yesenia, Jimenez-Baez, María Valeria

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment approaches to polycythemia vera and myelofibrosis
Palmer, Jeanne, Mesa, Ruben

Opinion articles

[Full text - PDF]
Genetic origin of the sticky platelet syndrome
Stanciakova, Lucia, Skerenova, Maria, Holly, Pavol, Dobrotova, Miroslava, Ivankova, Jela, Stasko, Jan, Kubisz, Peter

Clinical Case

[Full text - PDF]
Fisher-Evans or Evans syndrome
Cimá-Castañeda, María de los Ángeles, Ayala-López, Patricia Madai, Lara-Palacios, María Isabel, Abblitt-Luengas, Sylvia Maureen, Jimenez-Baez, María Valeria


Voices of doctors and patients

[Full text - PDF]
On doctors and patients
Ruiz-Delgado, Guillermo J

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