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November-Diciembre, 2016; Volume 59: Issue 6
Rev Fac Med UNAM 2016; 59 (6)



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What kind of doctor we require to form?
Santacruz Varela, Javier

Review article

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Epidemiological overview of Mexico’s leading causes of morbidity and mortality
Soto-Estradaa, Guadalupe, Moreno-Altamiranoa, Laura, Pahua Díaza, Daniel

Clinical cases

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Complication related to a placement and removal of a gastric banding in a patient with obesity. Case report
Espinosa Peralta, Katia, Pérez González, Adrián, Ramírez Arias, José L

[Full text - PDF]
Anesthetic management of hypertensive emergency perioperative secondary neuroendocrine tumors Report of a case
Vaca Aguirre, Liliana, Zayas González, Héctor, García Cuevas, Marco Antonio, Granados Mortera, Juan Carlos

Clinical-radiological case

[Full text - PDF]
Make your diagnosis
Navarro Martíneza, Violeta

Profesional responsability CONAMED case

[Full text - PDF]
Tummy tuck and its complications
Dubón Peniche, María del Carmen, Bustamante Leija, Luis

Returning to the already visited paths

[Full text - PDF]
The electrocardiogram: a learning opportunity
Lara Prado, Jesús Iván

[Full text - PDF]
Thoracic exploration: a guide to decipher their messages
Báez Saldaña, Renata, Monraz Pérez, Sergio, Castillo González, Patricia, Rumbo Nava, Uriel, García Torrentera, Rogelio, Ortíz Siordia, Rebeca, Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa I

Medicine and Art

[Full text - PDF]
The prominence of the volume
Fortoul van der Goes, Teresa I

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