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May-June, 2016; Volume 30: Issue 3
Acta Ortop Mex 2016; 30 (3)



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Thanks to the reviewers 2015 and to our editorial committee
Aguilera-Zepeda, JM, Encalada-Díaz, MI

Original Articles

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Etiological agents more common in primary hip and knee joint replacement infections in older adults
Argüelles-Martínez, O, Rivera-Villa, AH, Miguel-Pérez, A, Torres-González, R, Pérez-Atanasio, JM, Mata-Hernández, A, De la Fuente-Zuno, JC

[Full text - PDF]
Anterior knee pain in knee arthroplasty with or without a patellar component
Montero-Quijano, M, Ceja-Barriga, A, Núñez-Robles, J, Barrios-Benítez, U, Núñez-Barragán, JL, Antonio-Romero, E

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence and frequency of factors associated with infection in patients older than 18 years with closed fractures
Rincón-Cardozo, DF, Sauza-Rodríguez, N, Padilla-Rueda, LC, Rincón-Cardozo, PA, Díaz-Mantilla, CO, Abril-Gaona, CA

[Full text - PDF]
Surgical treatment of malignant primary tumors of the pelvis on Enneking’s zone II
González-Pérez, AM, Arvinius, C, García-Coiradas, J, García-Maroto, R, Cebrián-Parra, JL

Clinical Cases

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Three successive fractures of different hip femoral stems on the same patient
Gómez-Robledo, J

[Full text - PDF]
Ankle fracture in adolescents: triplanar injury associated to fracture of leg
Cuzmar-Grimalt, D, Escudero-Heldt, M, Aldunate-González, JT, Plaza-Guzmán, N

[Full text - PDF]
Congenital knee dislocation: case report
Arvinius, C, Luque, R, Díaz-Ceacero, C, Marco, F

[Full text - PDF]
Pretibial pseudocyst after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with a biocomposite screw
Alonso, B, Sobrón, FB, Vidal, C, Vaquero, J

[Full text - PDF]
Iliacus muscle injury caused by inadequate exercise
Magaña-Reyes, J, Domínguez-Gasca, LG, García-Luna, A, Domínguez-Carrillo, LG

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