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January-February, 2018; Volume 75: Issue 1
Rev ADM 2018; 75 (1)



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Just to clarify
Zerón, Agustín

Panoramic view

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ADM, New vision
Díaz Guzmán, Laura María


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Dental clearance: review of the literature and case report
Solís Cessa, Eric

Research article

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Maximum mandibular opening associated to degree of temporomandibular dysfunction in patients of a postgraduate clinic in orthodontics
García M, Leysa A, Lehmann M, José M, Loeza G, Denisse

[Full text - PDF]
Study of the anatomical variants of the mandibular dental canal in the lower posterior sector by cone-beam tomography in edentulous patients
Vázquez, Diego Jorge, Subirán, Beatriz, Estevez, Alejandro, Nart, Leonardo, Hecht, Pedro

Case reports

[Full text - PDF]
Third molar iatrogenic displacement to maxilar sinus: clinical case report
Rivera Coello, Jacobo, Reyes Torres, Gladys

[Full text - PDF]
Localized root canal deviation with CBCT. Case report
Palacios Sánchez, Andrea Ireri, Rosas Aguilar, Rubén, Guízar Mendoza, Juan Manuel

[Full text - PDF]
Conservative cystectomy by multiple trepanations: case report
Palencia Garza, Andrés, Guerra Leal, Daniel Alejandro, Martínez Treviño, Jorge Alberto

[Full text - PDF]
Treatment of temporomandibular joint ankylosis with aloplastic materials in children (report of 3 cases)
Mercado Montañez, Francisco

>Journals >Revista de la Asociación Dental Mexicana >Year 2018

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