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January-, 2018; Volume 22: Issue 01
MediSan 2018; 22 (01)


Original Articles

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Effectiveness of Oleozon® in the treatment of patients with dental dischromya
Díaz del Mazo, Lizel, Ortiz Andrial, Arnaldo, Ferrer González, Silvia, Vicente Botta, Braulia, Perdomo Estrada, Cristina

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical and epidemiological aspects related to microalbuminuria in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Besse Díaz, Reinier, Martínez Cantillo, Liliana, Ríos Vega, Lina

[Full text - PDF]
Evaluation of growth and development of patients with Down syndrome in Santiago de Cuba
Rubio González, Tamara, Norbert Vázquez, Lisandra, García González, Dianelys de la Caridad

[Full text - PDF]
Perception of the necessity of orthodontics treatment by adolescents and their parents
Navarro Nápoles, Josefa, Ricardo Reyes, Manuela, Martínez Ramos, Maira Raquel, López Díaz, Manuel Alejandro, Cobas Pérez, Norayda

[Full text - PDF]
Frequency of acute breathing infections in children and adolescents with asthma from Pinar del Río province
Orraca Castillo, Odalys, Navarro Palmera, Emilio, Quintero Pérez, William, Blanco Valdés, Tatiana Margarita, Rodríguez Machín, Leovaldo René

[Full text - PDF]
Molecular markers of insertion type in bacterias of the Moraxellaceae and Helicobacteraceae (phylum Proteobacteria) families
Cutiño Jiménez, Ania Margarita, Barrera Roca, Lianne, de la Puente López, Vivian, Peña Cutiño, Heidy Annia

[Full text - PDF]
Statistical analysis involving mortality prediction factors for the identification of prostate cancer
Moraga Rodríguez, Alina, Zamora Matamoros, Larisa, Sagaró del Campo, Nelsa María, Moraga Rodríguez, Annia, Rodríguez Griñán, Alina

[Full text - PDF]
Risk factors of lung tuberculosis in patients from East Timor
Marrero Rodríguez, Haidee, Quintero Salcedo, Sahily

[Full text - PDF]
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia in a pregnant woman
González Escudero, Mabel, Sosa Estébanez, Marilyn, Pérez Acosta, Noel David


[Full text - PDF]
Logotherapy as therapeutic alternative for the potentiation of the life sense in alcoholic patients
Milanés Delgado, Violena, Hidalgo Martinola, Diana Rosa, Monteagudo Castro, Yaquelín, Sánchez Ricardo, Leydis, Rodríguez Martínez, Néstor Daniel

Medical Education

[Full text - PDF]
A necessary reflection on the skill solving clinical problems
Calderón-Moore, Mónica, Losada Guerra, Jorge Luis, Hernández Navarro, Elena Vicenta, Salvat Quesada, Miguel, Remedios González, Juana María, Losada Hernández, José Omar

[Full text - PDF]
Measuring instrument of literacy in sexual and reproductive health of university students
Espino la O, Zaida, Chong Quesada, Dania, Rodríguez Artiles, Milagros, Álvarez Pérez, Natacha Lidia

[Full text - PDF]
Memories of the Ist National Workshop of Experts in care of the Severely Ill Neonate
Martínez Sariol, Elsa, Urbina Laza, Omayda, Travieso Ramos, Nadina


[Full text - PDF]
Lic. Vivian Benito Valenciano: an example of higher medical education in the XXI century
Borges García, Mariela, Longchamp Ges, Nuria

[Full text - PDF]
To the referees and collaborators Committee from journal MEDISAN
Acosta Ortega, Luisa

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