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May-August, 2018; Volume 18: Issue 2
Rev Hum Med 2018; 18 (2)


Letter to the Editor

[Full text - PDF]
Gastronomic heritage in the elderly
Troncoso Pantoja, Claudia


[Full text - PDF]
The biological theory of knowledge as a bridge of articulation between the natural and social sciences
Méndez Santos, Isidro E

[Full text - PDF]
The culture and the study of theoretical framework in social sciences
Montejo Lorenzo, Manuel Narciso, Rivero Rivero, Melva Luisa, Fuentes Milanés, Damian

[Full text - PDF]
A pedagogical modeling of the environmental component of research and labor education at the university
Mejías Salazar, Renier, Loret de Mola López, Enrique, Cardona Fuentes, José Alberto

[Full text - PDF]
Assessment of the action plan to strengthen values in students through scientific research
Domínguez Fabars, Alexi, Guzmán Sancho, Irina, Rodríguez Carrión, Dania

[Full text - PDF]
Health technologist in clinical laboratory’s professional training model from the integration of basic biomedical-laboratory sciences
García González, Mercedes Caridad, Loret de Mola López, Enrique, Bermejo Correa, Rolando Miguel, Cadenas Freixas, José Luis, Varela de Moya, Humberto Silvio

[Full text - PDF]
Comparison of the prosocial behavior in adolescents with difficulties to learn
Rodríguez Rodríguez, Yunior, Herrera Jiménez, Luis Felipe, Rodríguez Gamboa, Gladya

[Full text - PDF]
Teenagers with suicidal ideation in Camaguey
Grey Chávez, Yamarilis, Claro Toledo, Yazmín

[Full text - PDF]
Rorschach study on stress control and tolerance associated to primary hyperhidrosis in young hyperhidrotic people
González Llaneza, Felicia Mirian

[Full text - PDF]
Clinical and ethical considerations in the implementation of dental implants rehabilitations in senior adults
Guerra Cobián, Orlando

[Full text - PDF]
Ethics in the care of patients diagnosed with fracture of the third proximal of the femur
Fuentes Díaz, Zaily, Rodríguez Salazar, Orlando

[Full text - PDF]
Evolution of the mental health construct from a multidisciplinary point of view
Macaya Sandoval, Ximena Cecilia, Pihan Vyhmeister, Rolando, Vicente Parada, Benjamín

[Full text - PDF]
Communication stimulation in the gestational period
Moreno Ricard, Vilma Esther, Sampayo Hernández, Isabel Cristina, Guerra Castellanos, Lilian

[Full text - PDF]
Expressive psychosocial approach to intercultural relationships put in context in Cuban higher medical education
Toledo Méndez, Miguel Angel, Cabrera Ruiz, Isaac Iran

[Full text - PDF]
Social communication in health for disease prevention in the community
Rodríguez Roura, Sandra Cecilia, Cabrera Reyes, Lourdes de la C, Calero Yera, Esmeralda

[Full text - PDF]
Historical-cultural notes on library extensions in health
Laborda Barrios, Yalily, Romero Morales, Yosimary

[Full text - PDF]
Spanish translation of the play "A lover of animals" by Henry Stephens Salt (1851-1939)
González Cortés, Javier Andrés

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