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September-October, 2018; Volume 32: Issue 5
Rev Asoc Mex Med Crit y Ter Int 2018; 32 (5)



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Quality problems in the research review in Critical Care Medicine in Mexico
Elizalde González, José Javier

Research works

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A new scoring system to predict success in discontinuation from mechanical ventilation in Intensive Care Unit
Hernández Plata, Alma Erika, Gómez González, Ma Natalia, Soriano Orozco, Raúl, Díaz Rodríguez, Jorge Adalid, González Carrillo, Pedro Luis

[Full text - PDF]
LVIS as mortality predictor in septic shock
Castillejos Suastegui, Humberto Alfonso, Monares Zepeda, Enrique, Pedraza Montenegro, Axel, Contreras Contreras, Alma Rosa, Gómez Moctezuma, Careli, Aguirre Sánchez, Janet Silvia, Camarena Alejo,Gilberto, Franco Granillo, Juvenal

[Full text - PDF]
Predictors of mortality in patients with obstetric sepsis using sepsis obstetric score and sequential organ failure assessment-obstetrics
Herrera Morales, Blanca E, Lara Cruz, Juan, Ortega López, Victoria

[Full text - PDF]
Therapeutic hypothermia. Experience in a Third Level Hospital
Solís Aguayo, Diana Alejandra, Meza Márquez, José Martín, Peña Pérez, Carlos Alberto, Carrillo Esper, Raúl

[Full text - PDF]
Prognosis of critically ill obese patients under invasive mechanical ventilation
Montaño Jiménez, Alejandro, Olvera Guzmán, Claudia Ivette, Aguirre Sánchez, Janet Silvia, Camarena Alejo,Gilberto, Franco Granillo, Juvenal

[Full text - PDF]
The levels of acetylcholinesterase in patients with hemodynamic instability discard sepsis as a cause of shock
Monares Zepeda, Enrique, Ojeda Izquierdo, Edgar Andrés, Zamora Palma, Alberto, Galindo Martín, Carlos, Cuesta Torres, Julia Cumandá

Case report

[Full text - PDF]
Carbamazepine poisoning: case report treated with high-flux hemodialysis
Pérez Tuñón, Jorge Guillermo, Martiñón Ríos, Rocío, Figueroa Rivera, Magaly, Bautista Albíter, Mayré Ivonne

Letter to the editor

[Full text - PDF]
Importance of hand hygiene to prevent sepsis in health care
Sosa-Hernández, Oscar, Gorordo-Delsol, Luis Antonio

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