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April-June, 2018; Volume 10: Issue 2
CorSalud 2018; 10 (2)


Original articles

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Correlates of diastolic function in patients with alcoholic liver cirrhosis
Deliu, Ruxandra, Donoiu, Ionuț, , Militaru, Constantin, Istră, toaie, Octavian, Ciurea, Tudorel

[Full text - PDF]
Carotid intima-media thickness at different locations: Association to coronary heart disease in patients with heart valve disease
de Zayas Galguera, Joanna, Pérez Barreda, Aylen, Vázquez Castro, Francisco, Aroche Aportela, Ronald, Ravelo Llanes, Katia, Hernández Navas, Myder

[Full text - PDF]
Early atherogenic signs in atherovulnerable families at a physician´s office of primary health care
Hernández Gárciga, Francisco F, Ortega Fajardo, Daniel, Fernández-Britto Rodríguez, José E

[Full text - PDF]
Incidence of the allergic acute coronary syndrome at the Hospital Mártires del 9 de Abril of Sagua La Grande in 2015
Santos Monzón, Yamir, González Marín, Álvaro T, Allouis Morales, Yaritza, Gutiérrez Fernández, Sady H

[Full text - PDF]
Cuban studies on myocardial perfusion imaging technique for detecting ischemic heart disease
Feng, Aozi, Peña, Yamilé, Li, Wan

Brief Articles

[Full text - PDF]
Influence of cosmophysical activity on monthly mortality due to myocardial infarction
Padilla-Cueto, David, Hernández-Negrín, Halbert, Batista Hernández, Norma E, González Acosta, Kenia, Ramírez-Gómez, José I, Pérez-Valdivia, Arlenys

[Full text - PDF]
Sodium, potassium and calcium analysis by means of electrical bioimpedance in patients with ischemic heart disease and coronary artery bypass graft surgery
Cortés Durán, Ania, García Álvarez, Ricardo, Núñez Bourón, Ana I, Domínguez Fabars, Alexi, Nigorenko Ham, Glenda

Review Article

[Full text - PDF]
William Polk Longmire Jr. and the first 60 years of coronary artery bypass graft surgery
López de la Cruz, Yoandy

Images in Cardiology

[Full text - PDF]
A red blanket above the heart
López de la Cruz, Yoandy, Pérez Machado, Laura B

[Full text - PDF]
Primary percutaneous coronary intervention of unprotected left main coronary artery: two-year follow-up
Naranjo, Adrian, Obregón Santos, Ángel G, Aroche Aportela, Ronald, Hernández Navas, Myder, Aldama, Lázaro

[Full text - PDF]
X syndrome of coronary microcirculation, coronary spasms and acute myocardial infarction in patients without significant coronary lesions
Vega Candelario, Rodolfo

Letters to the editor

[Full text - PDF]
Independent nursing actions in the mediate postoperative period of patients with infectious endocarditis
Ramos León, Yusnei, Caro Domínguez, Georgina, Morales Ramón, Ana M

>Journals >CorSalud (Revista de Enfermedades Cardiovasculares) >Year 2018

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