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July-August, 2003; Volume 139: Issue s1
Gac Med Mex 2003; 139 (s1)


Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion

[Full text - PDF]
Alfredo Ulloa Aguirre, Claudia Díaz Olavarrieta, Charlotte Ellertson


[Full text - PDF]
Unwanted Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion: Its Impact on Health in Mexico
Ana Langer Glas

Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion as a Public Health Problem

[Full text - PDF]
Unsafe Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean: Definition of the Problem and Prevention
Henry Espinoza, Lizbeth López Carrillo

[Full text - PDF]
Maternal Mortality at the Mexican Institute of Social Security, 1992-2001
Vitelio Velasco Murillo, Eduardo Navarrete Hernández

[Full text - PDF]
Teen Pregnancy in Mexico
Vicente Díaz Sánchez

Medical aspects

[Full text - PDF]
Emergency Contraception
Larrea, Fernando, Marta Durand Carbajal, María del Carmen Cravioto, Schiavon, Raffaela

[Full text - PDF]
Medical Indications for the Interruption of Pregnancy
Karchmer K, Samuel

[Full text - PDF]
Management of Spontaneous Abortion and Its Complications
Jorge Federico Menéndez Velázquez

[Full text - PDF]
Medical Abortion: Current Therapeutic Alternatives
Schiavon, Raffaela

[Full text - PDF]
Manual Endouterine Aspiration: A useful technology for delivering quality abortion care
Gustavo Quiroz Mendoza, Deborah L Billings, Nadine Gasman Zylbermann

Free comunication

[Full text - PDF]
The Salvadorean Experience with Pharmacologic Interruption of Ectopic Pregnancy.
Emilia Hernández, Henry Espinoza

Social context

[Full text - PDF]
Access to Legal Abortion of Rape-Related Pregnancy in Mexico City
Diana Lara, Sandra García, Jennifer Strickler, Hugo Martínez, Luis Villanueva

[Full text - PDF]
Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Mexican Physicians Concerning Abortion: Results of a National Survey
Sandra G García, Diana Lara, Lisa Goldman

[Full text - PDF]
Legal but Not Always Safe: Three Decades of a Liberal Abortion Policy in India
Bela Ganatra, Batya Elul

[Full text - PDF]
Abortion Law in South Africa: Passage of a Progressive Law and Challenges for Implementation
Kelly Blanchard, Sharon Fonn, Mankhosasana Xaba

>Journals >Gaceta Médica de México >Year 2003

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