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January-, 2017; Volume 21: Issue 01
MediSan 2017; 21 (01)


Original Articles

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Patients with ischemic heart disease and asymptomatic peripheral vascular disease determined by means of the ankle-arm index
Pichín Quesada, Alexis, Goulet Ordaz, Lilibet, Suárez Lescay, Celso, Franco Mora, María del Carmen

[Full text - PDF]
Chronology and sequence of the first permanent molars eruption
de la Tejera Chillón, Alexis, Peña Gómez, Ileana, Bravo Barrera, Grechen, Solano Quinzán, Yailen, Rodríguez Junco, Ailid

[Full text - PDF]
Determination of chronic renal disease grade in hipertensive patients
Terazón Miclín, Oneida, Vinent Terazón, Miguel A, Pouyou Semanat, Jessica

[Full text - PDF]
Achievements of the clinical semiological teaching in a university polyclinic
Linares Despaigne, Manuel de Jesús, Arrate Negret, María Mercedes, Poll Pineda, Jorge Armando, Molina Hechavarría, Vivian, Linares Ibarra, Dayanis

[Full text - PDF]
Volume modification of body fluids compartments in patients treated with corrective surgery due to ischemic heart disease
Núñez Bouron, Ana Ibis, Lara Lafargue, Alcibíades, Rizo Rodríguez, Raúl, Mesa Díaz, Marcia Evia, García Álvarez, Ricardo

[Full text - PDF]
Isolation of the beta-hemolytic streptococcus in asymptomatic children
Soria Barreda, Neysi, Guilart Domínguez, Mayda, Guerrero Pardo, Ceres, Mariño, María Caridad


[Full text - PDF]
Relationship and differences between the conventional and homeopathic medical records
Hechavarría Torres, Maricel, Jacas García, Caridad, Caballero Orduño, Adis, Rodríguez García, Lilia Rosa

[Full text - PDF]
Social determining factors in the Cuban family health
Berenguer Gouarnaluses, Maritza del Carmen, Pérez Rodríguez, Arnoldo, Dávila Fernández, Martha, Sánchez Jacas, Isolina

[Full text - PDF]
Advantages of the digital holographic microscopy for the study of biological samples
Infante Tavio, Nadia Inés, Escalona Veloz, Rafael, Sierra Calzado, Lilian, Palacios Roque, Guillermo

[Full text - PDF]
Pharmacological aspects of soy phosphatidylcholine and its possible medical uses
Cala Calviño, Leidys, Sánchez Hechavarría, Miguel Enrique, García Torres, Daniel S

[Full text - PDF]
Cosmetic surgical techniques in patients with facial defects due to basal cell carcinoma
Jardón Caballero, José, Alemán Miranda, Otto

Reflection and Discussion

[Full text - PDF]
Emotional experiencies and conditioning factors in elderly without couple relationship
Laurencio Vallina, Sandra Caridad, Jiménez Betancourt, Elena, Sánchez Maso, Yailen

Brief communication

[Full text - PDF]
Female sexual hormones and their relationship with periodontal disease
Fajardo Puig, Martha Elena, Rodríguez Reyes, Oscar, Rodríguez Bacallao, Acela


[Full text - PDF]
Working politics with management cadres of the State and Government in Cuba
González Martín, Roberto, Gorguet Pi, Marlene


[Full text - PDF]
Teaching virtual clinic: a training space for teaching medical sciences
Rodríguez Beltrán, Nancy María, Pardo Gómez, María Elena, Izquierdo Lao, José Manuel, Pérez Martínez, Denis Gabriel

[Full text - PDF]
First Territorial workshop of Interdisciplinary Orthodontics in Santiago de Cuba
González Espangler, Liuba, Durán Vázquez, Wuilfrido Eredis

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