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January-February, 2005; Volume 33: Issue 1
Med Cutan Iber Lat Am 2005; 33 (1)



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Current Situation of Cosmetology and Aesthetics in Dermatology. Evolution of Dermocosmetics in the last 30 years
Helena Torres, Xavier Torres

Continuing medical education

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New advances in biologic therapy of psoriasis
M Adelaida Echeverri Montaño, Ana M Aristizábal Davila, Francisco Vargas, José Fernando Molina, Luis Fernando Pinto, Ángela Zuluaga de Cadena

Original articles

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Depigmentation Cream D4® in the Treatment of Melasma
José Mesquita-Guimarães, Maria Teresa Baudrier, Alberto Mota, Maria Rute Barrosa, Maria Rosa Tavares, Maria Antónia Barros, Carlos Resende

Case reports

[Full text - PDF]
acroqueratosis verruciforme, genodermatosis.
M Teresa Bordel Gómez, Alberto Miranda Romero

[Full text - PDF]
Cocaine and Ergotamine Vasospasm in a HIV Patient
Bourren, Paula, Eduardo Adolfo Rodríguez, Laura Manuela Mijelshon, Mirta Kujaruk

Dermatologic therapy

[Full text - PDF]
Vellus and hair micrografts: their various indications
Pierre Bouhanna, G. Pérez Pala

Satellite Symposium: XIIIth European Congress of Dermatology and Venereology. Guidelines for the treatment of psoriasis. Challenges and Alternatives. Where are we going?

[Full text - PDF]
How to define the severity of psoriasis? Practical Challenges and Limits
Gottfried Wozel

[Full text - PDF]
Which is the Effectiveness of a Product Containing a Combination of Calcipotriol and Betamethasone Dipropionate in Different Populations of Pacients Affected by Psoriasis?
Peter Van de Kerkhof

[Full text - PDF]
What do we Know About the Repetitive Use of Topical Corticoid for the Treatment of Psoriasis. A Review of Efficacy and Safety Data
Frédéric Cambazard

[Full text - PDF]
How Safe is the Repetitive Use of a Product Containing a Combination of Calcipotriol and Betamethasone Dipropionate for the Treatment of Psoriasis? Results of 52-week long Safety Study
Knud Kragballe

[Full text - PDF]
Therapeutic Alternatives for Psoriasis. Where are We Going? The Importance of Topical and Biological Treatments of Psoriasis
Christopher Griffiths

>Journals >Medicina Cutánea Ibero-Latino-Americana >Year 2005

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