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May-August, 2004; Volume 6: Issue 2
Arch Med Fam 2004; 6 (2)


Letters to the Editor

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More information about cross-sectional studies
Laura Ávila Jiménez, López Caudana, Alma Ethelia, Juan Ortiz Peralta, Sergio Arturo Juárez Márquez

Editorial articles

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Four basic principles in Family Medicine
González Blasco P.

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Abortion: the essential problem of bioethics
Castillo Vargas R, González Cárdenas L.

Original articles

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Deficit of Vitamin A as a risk factor in the persistent diarroheal disease: the role of family physician in Cuba
Otero Ferras J, Sánchez González M, León García E, Ciria Martín A, Hernández Martínez L.

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Diabetic profile in a family practice center in Mexico City
Corona Hernández M, Bautista Samperio L.

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Colonization for group B Streptococcus in Mexican pregnant women at a family practice center in Mexico City
González Pedraza Avilés A, Ortiz Zaragoza MC, Madrigal de León HG, Corzo Coello MT, Flores Huitrón P.

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Emergency contraception: Knowledge and attitudes in a group of Mexican family physicians
Ramírez Pascualli B, Altamirano García B, Martínez Sánchez S, Morales López H.

[Full text - PDF]
Prevalence of symptomatic and asymptomatic bacteriuria in the elderly and antimicrobial susceptibility in vitro
González Pedraza Avilés A, Medina Zarco L, Moreno Castillo Y, Ortiz Zaragoza C, Dávila Mendoza R.

Review Article

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Process to becoming sick person and patient: a family medicine approach
Garza Elizondo T, Ramírez Aranda J

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