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April-June, 2007; Volume 9: Issue 2
Arch Med Fam 2007; 9 (2)


Editorial article

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Obstacles for the Elaboration of Likert-type Scales: A Personal Reflection
Ramírez de la Roche, OF

Original articles

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Burnout Syndrome among Mexican Primary Care Physicians
Dickinson-Bannack ME, González-Salinas C, Fernández-Ortega MA, Palomeque RP, González- Quintanilla E, Hernández-Vargas I

[Full text - PDF]
Patient Beliefs on Their Disease, Eating Habits, Physical Activity, and Treatment in a Group of Mexican Subjects with Diabetes
López-Amador KH, Ocampo-Barrio P

[Full text - PDF]
The Influence of Mutual Aid Groups Among Persons with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Effects of Glycemia and Body Weight
Muñoz-Reyna AP, Ocampo-Barrio P, Quiroz-Pérez JR

[Full text - PDF]
Pharmacosurveillance Program in Primary Care: The Experience at a Clinic in Veracruz, Mexico
Rascón-Sabido R, Sabido-Siglher AS, Márquez-Celedonio FG, Soler-Huerta E

[Full text - PDF]
Self Healthcare-associated Factors in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Amador-Díaz MB, Márquez-Celedonio FG, Sabido-Sighler AS

[Full text - PDF]
How to improve our professional practice? Reflections of a Group of Family Physicians in Spain on Prescription in Primary Care
Saura-Llamas, J, Puebla-Manzanos L, Herrera-Gallego AM Torres-Rojas G, Sánchez-Moreno P

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