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July-September, 2011; Volume 13: Issue 3
Arch Med Fam 2011; 13 (3)


Original articles

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Performance Assessment in Undergraduate Teaching: Implementation of Three Strategies
Martínez-González A, Fortoul Van Der Goes T, Urrutia Aguilar ME

[Full text - PDF]
Psychological Well Being, Predictor of Academic Performance in Medical Students
Osornio-Castillo L, Sánchez de Tagle-Herrera R, Heshiki-Nakandakari L, Valadez-Nava S

[Full text - PDF]
Correlation between teaching practice and academic performance in a group of medical students
Gómez-López VM, Rosales-Gracia S, García-Galaviz JL, Berrones-Sánchez K

Special Articles

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Conditions for Admission to Public Health Insurance: A Case Study in Bahia Blanca, Argentina
Moscoso Nebel S, Gullace ME

>Journals >Archivos en Medicina Familiar >Year 2011

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