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Terrazas EF, Galindo NA, Sanjurjo GJL, Cerón DU
Extensive resection of small bowel in mesenteric vascular disease
Cir Gen 2007; 29 (3)

Language: Español
References: 55
Page: 217-224
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Objective: To present our experience in extensive resection of the small bowel in cases of mesenteric infarction, and review of the literature.
Setting: Third level health care center.
Design: Case report.
Case reports: We present three case reports of mesenteric infarction; two of them of embolic arterial origin and the other of venous thrombotic origin, managed successfully. The extensive and massive resection needed for necrosis of the small bowel due to mesenteric infarction requires a decision considering not only survival, but also the available medical-technological resources regarding ambulatory parenteral nutrition and intestinal transplantation.
Conclusion: The extensive and massive resection of the small bowel, which leaves a segment of short intestine, is managed better by closing the afferent loop of the jejunum, draining adequately the stomach and duodenum, making a mucosal fistula of the residual ileum, and leaving a drainage for the ascitis liquid, habitually formed. Postoperative complications are many; therefore, a strict multidisciplinary control of the patient must be kept. The decision to reestablish intestinal transit requires early preparation and must be made timely.

Key words: Mesenteric infarction, massive intestinal resection, small bowel.


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