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Díaz-Pizarro GJI, Mijares-García JM, Cárdenas-Lailson LE
Prevalence of acute pancreatitis during pregnancy and the puerperium
Cir Gen 2003; 25 (2)

Language: Español
References: 30
Page: 152-157
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Objective: To determine the prevalence and characteristics of acute pancreatitis during pregnancy and puerperium.
Design: Descriptive, open, observational, retrospective, longitudinal study.
Setting: Third level health care hospital.
Methods: Analysis of clinical histories in search of woman patients with acute pancreatitis. Pregnancy or puerperium was confirmed with dates of last menstruation or last delivery and pregnancy tests. Obstetric care and pathological puerperium statistics were reviewed.
Results: Three-hundred twenty-seven hospital releases of patients with acute pancreatitis (355 events) were recorded; of these 13 (13 events) were pregnant (group A) and 15 (16 events, due to recurrence) were in puerperium (group B). Obstetric care was given to 29,238 patients and 249 patients received care for pathological puerperium. Rate of pancreatitis during pregnancy was of 1 in 2,249.08 patients and that of puerperium was 1 in 15.56 patients with pathological puerperium. We also analyzed age of presentation, weeks of gestation or days of puerperium at which the event occurred, etiology and severity of the pancreatitis, duration of hospital stay, administration of nutritional support, evolution of pregnancy, recurrences, type of treatment, maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality in each group.
Conclusion: Pancreatitis is not frequent during pregnancy or puerperium, although it occurs at a high percentage in women with pathological puerperium. The maternal-fetal morbidity and mortality that can be associated requires an early diagnosis, determination of the etiology and severity, as well as its adequate treatment by a multidisciplinary team.

Key words: Acute pancreatitis, pregnancy, puerperium.


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