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Illescas EJ, Flores BÁP
Asma de difícil control. Reporte de un caso de asma asociada a alergia al látex
Residente 2008; 3 (1)

Language: Español
References: 6
Page: 5-10
PDF: 184.98 Kb.

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Latex allergy results by frequent exposure to the rubber proteins by the skin or respiratory way. The diagnosis of latex allergy is based on a clinical suggestive history associated with IgE mediated disease, then it is a diagnosis to be present in any case of idiopathic or unexplained anaphylaxis. Symptoms will depend from exposition, way, and the patient susceptibility. The Latex anaphylaxis is characterized by pruritus, nettle-rash, rhinoconjunctivitis, angioedema, respiratory symptoms and hypotension after allergen contact. Patients have to be concern about this disease and try to avoid exposure. The most effective strategy is to avoid the exposure to latex proteins, not desensibilization.

Key words: Latex allergy, asthma, anaphylaxis.


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>Journals >El Residente >Year 2008, Issue 1

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