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Ponce-Rosas A, Ávila-Zaragoza LM, Jiménez-Urueta PS, Castañeda-Ortiz RA
Atresia congénita de colon: diagnóstico radiológico
Acta Pediatr Mex 2007; 28 (2)

Language: Español
References: 6
Page: 87-89
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Introduction. Intestinal atresia is the most common cause of complete obstruction in newborns; it is present in 1 of 15 to 20 thousand born alive children. Anomalies of the small intestine constitute 95% of the cases. Colon atresia is a rare condition. Diagnosis must be done with colon by enema.
Case report. Newborn boy with a history of polyhydraminios who presented with gastrobilliar vomit the first day of life; abdominal distension and intestinal loop drawings. Abdomen X ray showed bowel loops distension, diminished air-fluid levels and distal pneumatization. A colon by enema showed a microcolon and obstruction in the hepatic angle. A laparotomy confirmed colon atresia in the splenic angle with a mesenteric “V” shape defect.
Discussion. A history of polyhydramnios should lead to suspect intestinal malformations; gastrobilliar vomit suggests an intestinal obstruction usually of the small intestine. Radiologic images confirm the diagnosis; the colon by enema is the only study that shows the obstruction.

Key words: Intestinal obstruction, microcolon, intestinal atresia, colon by enema.


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>Journals >Acta Pediátrica de México >Year 2007, Issue 2

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