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Menéndez-Sánchez P, Villarejo-Campos P, Gambí-Pisonero D, Cubo-Cintas T, Padilla-Valverde D, Martín-Fernández J
Hemorragia digestiva baja e intususcepción subsecuente a tumor del estroma gastrointestinal
Cir Cir 2009; 77 (6)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 483-485
PDF: 97.64 Kb.

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Background: Small bowel tumors comprise 25% of gastrointestinal (GI) neoplasms, of which only between 0.2 and 1% correspond to gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST). GI bleeding is the most common presentation of GIST, being responsible in 1% of the cases. This type of neoplasm can also be the origin of an intussuception, which is an infrequent process during adult age for representing only 5% of all intestinal obstructions. Clinical case: We report a case of a patient who arrived at the emergency department for abdominal pain and lower GI bleeding. The diagnostic process was not conclusive. After an exploratory laparotomy, the diagnosis was GI bleeding and intussusception due to a GIST. Conclusions: Surgery must be the last diagnostic and therapeutic resource, but it is sometimes necessary to localize bleeding and intestinal obstruction site.

Key words: Gastrointestinal bleeding, melena, intussusception, gastrointestinal stromal tumor.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2009, Issue 6

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