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Baena RA, Alba A, Jaramillo MC, Quiroga SC, Luque L
Clinical Complications of Teen Pregnancy: a Documentary Research
Aten Fam 2012; 19 (4)

Language: Español
References: 17
Page: 82-85
PDF: 250.05 Kb.

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Objective: to identify clinical maternal complications associated with teen pregnancy. Material and methods: documentary research through a descriptive, longitudinal and retrospective study that was carried out between March and September 2011. It was made an exhaustive search of documentary sources. Inclusion criteria: articles published in scientific journals, both original and reviewed articles and health policy position papers. Databases: PubMed, Science Direct, and MDConsult. Results: most of the 17 consulted articles considered as the most common clinical complications the following: anemia, preterm birth, forceps deliveries, tears of the vaginal canal, infections during pregnancy, and maternal death. Conclusions: it is necessary to emphasize the care of teenagers due to the lack of knowledge about reproductive health. The Family Physician is who must initiate those preventive actions from a comprehensive care to children and adolescents, ensuring an effective education in values, strengthening of autonomy, self-esteem, correct decision making and building of a project of life.

Key words: teen pregnancy, complications, risk factors.


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>Journals >Atención Familiar >Year 2012, Issue 4

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