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Careaga-Reyna G, Zetina-Tun H, Villaseñor-Colín C, Alvarez-Sánchez LM, Urías-Báez R, Cerda-Belmont GA
Distant heart procurement for transplantation
Cir Cir 2012; 80 (5)

Language: Español
References: 22
Page: 424-428
PDF: 110.75 Kb.

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Background: the low availability of organ donors is a serious hindrance to heart transplantation. Long-distance organ procurement has been accepted as an option despite longer ischemic time for the heart.
Methods: long-distance procurement from outside Mexico City in adult patients with terminal heart failure submitted to orthotopic heart transplantation between February 1st 2011, and January 31st 2012, was assessed. Ischemic time, distance from Mexico City, and perioperative and short-time mortality were determined.
Results: there were 14 orthotopic heart transplants during the analyzed period. In 12 cases long-distance heart procurement was required. Mean age of recipients was 42.7 years (range between 17 and 61 years). Seven patients were male and five female. Mean ischemic time was 228.58 minutes. The longest distance of procurement for land and air travel was 2,319 km; and the lowest, 22.5 km. Perioperative mortality was 8.33% (one patient), and there were 2 short-term deaths due to non-cardiac complications. In this series we included a case of heart-kidney transplantation from same donor.
Conclusion: at our hospital, long-distance procurement for heart transplantation is a useful procedure with good results.

Key words: heart transplantation, long distance procurement, organ preservation.


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