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Montalvo-Javé EE, Kurt RS, Pulido CA, Vázquez OR, Basurto KE
Pathologic anatomy findings in a clinical series of elective cholecystectomy. Is in situ cancer frequent?
Cir Gen 2013; 35 (1)

Language: Español
References: 28
Page: 36-40
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Objective: To know the frequency of gallbladder injuries, including in situ cancer, by means of a definitive pathological anatomy study, in a clinical series of patients with a benign chronic preoperative diagnosis.
Setting: General Hospital of Mexico (Third Level Health Care Center).
Design: Retrospective, descriptive, observational and cross-sectional study.
Statistical analysis: Percentages as summary measure for qualitative variables.
Patients and methods: A retrospective and observational study was perfomed that included 200 patients subjected to cholecystectomy, through open surgery or laparoscopically, at the General Surgery Unit of the General Hospital of Mexico from June 1991 to June 1995. All patients were operated by the same surgical team. We analyzed the distribution according to gender, age, familial antecedents, personal antecedents, evolution of symptomatology, clinical data, ultrasound studies, type of surgery, and pathological anatomy findings.
Results: In our clinical series of 200 patients, according to the histopathological results there were two patients with diagnosis of in situ gallbladder carcinoma plus cholelithiasis; both were women.
Conclusion: Frequency of in situ gallbladder carcinoma in this series was of 1%.

Key words: Cholecystectomy, surgery, gallbladder cancer, in situ cancer, epidemiology.


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