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Más MVJ, Oviedo JMA, García HM, Cabrera GAT
Hemangiopericitoma. Case presentation
Gaceta Médica Espirituana 2012; 14 (2)

Language: Español
References: 16
Page: 120-125
PDF: 350.63 Kb.

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Background: Hemangiopericitoma is a tumor in soft tissues derived from the pericites of Zimmerman; the cells have a contractible capacity disposed in spiral surrounding the blood vessels. It is an infrequent malignant tumor, more frequent in adults between 50-60 years old, though it may be seen at any age. There are different cases reported in the internacional scientific literature because it has several anatomic locations. The current case is the first case reported in the Department of Anatomical Pathology of Camilo Cienfuegos General Hospital, Sancti Spiritus city. Case presentation: A 62 year old female patient came to the emergency room complaining of discomfort in the hypogastria. She was clinically and ultrasonographically evaluated and an ovarian tumor was diagnosed. A surgery was performed and a tumor of mesenteric location was removed. The diagnostic stage ended with a biopsy with paraffin wax, and a microscopic study with hemotoxiline and eosin was performed confirming a mesenteric Hemangiopericitoma. Conclusions: the case reported had a satisfactory therapeutic result to the 121 combination of treatments, surgical, medical and chemotherapeutical showing that this combination seems to be useful to manage a total remission of the disease preventing recurrences in this way.

Key words: hemangiopericitoma, pericites, blood vessels.


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