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Franco-Mijares AC, Cardona-Pimentel G, Villegas-Canchola KP, Vázquez-Flores AL, Jáuregui-Vega PI, Jaramillo-Barrón E, Nava A
Sobre el índice glucémico y el ejercicio físico en la nutrición humana
Residente 2013; 8 (3)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 89-96
PDF: 376.24 Kb.

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Knowledge of the glycemic index of foods and the development of methods to more accurately determine the amount of available carbohydrates in them allows to properly understand its impact on human diet. Knowing which foods have a high- or low glycemic-index makes it possible to plan the diet in such a way as to avoid large loads of glucose circulating in the bloodstream and, thus, prevent conditions such as obesity and type II diabetes.

Key words: Glycemic index, obesity, diabetes.


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>Journals >El Residente >Year 2013, Issue 3

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