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Albrandt SA, Murrieta GH, Herrera GA, Aguilar PJL, Barrera FJL, Mohar BA
Diagnóstico de trombosis venosa de miembro superior mediante ultrasonido Doppler color, Doppler pulsado y escala de grises en pacientes con catéter central
Anales de Radiología México 2004; 3 (1)

Language: Español
References: 12
Page: 3-8
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In the upper extremity, several mechanisms can produce swelling, general term used to indicate the accumulation of extracellular fluids. The basic mechanisms that lead swelling are: increasing hydrostatic capillary pressure and the increasing lymphatic pressure. One of the symptoms that can occur as a result of outflow venous occlusion in upper extremities is the arm swelling. Venous thrombosis diagnosis should be suspected in any patient with an unfunctional intravenous catheter and a swelling arm. Both findings may raise the possibility of a superior cava vein occlusion caused by extrinsic compression from an adjacent tumor. All patients with suspected thrombosis should go to ultrasonographic Doppler evaluation of the thoracic inlet veins looking for thrombus in this region.

Key words: Venous trhombosis, central catheter, color Doppler.


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>Journals >Anales de Radiología, México >Year 2004, Issue 1

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