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Pérez GH, Castro BM, García CY, Gómez MN, Rivera LM
Bilateral cilio-choroidal detachment. Case presentation
Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas 2015; 14 (2)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 198-204
PDF: 147.02 Kb.

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Introduction: the cilio-choroidal detachment is a not very frequent condition that appears associated to traumas or after an ocular surgery.
Objective: to expose the manage and the clinical evolution in a Bilateral ciliochoroidal detachment patient.
Case Presentation: a patient showed up presenting bilateral cilio-choroidal detachment secondary to trabeculotomy, in the right eye associated to aqueous outflow through the incision and in the left eye a late appearance for chronic ocular hypotension due to excessive filtration. It was successfully treated with drugs but it remained with excessive filtration and anterior displacement of the iris and the crystalline, associated with intumescence of the crystalline lens. It was decided to carry out the extraction of the crystalline lens in both eyes, being able to compensate intraocular pressure, to stabilize visual acuity and to repair anterior segment.
Conclusions: the cilio-choroidal detachment is due to different physiopathologic mechanisms, as it is shown in this case. The treatment to apply will depend on the characteristics of the patient, clinical picture and associated complications.

Key words: glaucoma, filtering surgery, postoperative complications, trabeculotomy, cilio-choroidal detachment.


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