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Orellana CJE, Patiño MN
Laser Doppler and its use in dentistry
Rev ADM 2016; 73 (5)

Language: Español
References: 27
Page: 241-244
PDF: 220.52 Kb.

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The Doppler effect, the scientific basis of laser Doppler flowmetry, was first described in 1842 by Austrian physicist Christian Doppler in his treatise Über das farbige Licht der doppelsterne und einige andere gestirne des Himmels (On the Colored Light of the Binary Stars and Some Other Stars of the Heavens). This principle has led to the development of techniques and devices that have been used in the field of medicine to measure perfusion in various organs and tissues, and have provided a useful method of diagnosis. In dentistry, information on the use of this method in the various structures of the mouth has slowly begun to be published. As a result, the need for its continued use in the field of oral health has become evident, given that it has proven to be non-invasive and extremely useful in diagnosis. It is a diagnostic technique that is commonly used in healthcare and has been widely developed in the field of medicine, yet there have been few reported studies of its use in dentistry, which is an important step towards opening new lines of research based on this new technology for the benefit of patients.

Key words: Laser Doppler, dentistry, oral health.


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