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>Journals >Oral >Year 2016, Issue 54

Cardoso ML, Fernández VR, Galiana AV, Díaz NG
Complications following local anaesthesia in childrens
Oral 2016; 17 (54)

Language: Español
References: 7
Page: 1374-1381
PDF: 99.60 Kb.

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Given the many changes that can be found in the oral mucosa of the child, we must be able to detect these lesions, to perform a correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Inappropriate behavior during both conventional examination of the oral mucosa and the differential diagnosis of lesions may involve miss important lesions or inadequate therapeutic indicate. There are few studies of these lesions in children compared to various epidemiological studies on caries and periodontal disease, making it difficult to establish a proper systematic collection of data on this problem.

Key words: traumatic injuries, anesthetic infiltration, transient insensitivity.


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>Journals >Oral >Year 2016, Issue 54

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