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Granados-Romero JJ, Valderrama-Treviño AI, Barrera-Mera B, Uriarte-Ruíz K, Banegas-Ruiz R, Ceballos-Villalva JC
Comparison between endoloop and linear mechanical stapler for the appendicular stump closure
Cir Cir 2018; 86 (5)

Language: Español
References: 18
Page: 428-431
PDF: 286.77 Kb.

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Introduction: In the last decades, the approach by minimally invasive surgery of abdominal pathologies is growing due to its evident benefits; the appendicular cases being the main surgical emergency, with different methods of closing the appendicular base. In this article, we compared the appendicular base closure with linear stapler and endoloop, to analyze the frequency of complications such as abscess, dehiscence and seroma. Method: A prospective, observational and descriptive study was conducted, with a total of 703 procedures, using 567 endoloop patients and 136 linear stapler, operated by the same surgeon and surgical team, with a completed learning curve. Results: The complications referred in the present study were patients with abscess (n = 5), dehiscence (n = 3) and seroma (n = 3). According to the phases of the appendiceal pathology: phase 1 or congestive appendix did not present complications; phase 2 or suppurative was reported one case of surgical wound dehiscence in the use of endoloop; in phase 3 or necrotic, one case of seroma was reported in a patient treated with endoloop; while in phase 4 or perforated there is a significant difference in the case of abscesses, reporting five in the use of endoloop and none in the case of a linear stapler. Conclusions: In our study there is no statistically significant difference between the use of linear stapler or endoloop in the early appendicular phases; being of significant utility in Phase 4 the use of linear stapler for the incidence of abscesses.

Key words: Endoloop, Mechanical lineal stapler, Appendicitis, Appendicular stump.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2018, Issue 5

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