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Martínez GE, Calderón AM, Zetina TH, Bonilla RLC, Holm CA, Jiménez DA, Correa FM, Hernández DM, Villaseñor CC
Experience with cardiac transplantation: General Hospital National Medical Center “La Raza”, IMSS
Cir Gen 2002; 24 (2)

Language: Español
References: 6
Page: 140-143
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Objective: To analyze our experience with heart transplantations during an 8-years period.
Setting: Third level health care hospital.
Design: Case reports.
Patients and methods: Retrospective analysis of patients subjected to heart transplantation between July 1993 and February 2001. We studied the following variables: Demographic information, transplant indication, graft position, concomitant procedures, mortality, survival at one and five years, complications, present state of recipients, immunosuppressive scheme, and rejection episodes.
Results: Twenty-four transplants were performed, 21 men and 3 women, average age of the group was 36 years (10 to 66 years). Indication for the transplant was cardiomyopathy associated to ischemia in 10 patients, dilated cardiomyopathy in 8, valvular dysfunction in 3, and diverse disorders in the remaining 3; 13 were orthotopic transplants and 11 heterotopic. In two patients with heterotopic transplant, a mitral valve prosthesis was implanted in one patient, and kidney transplant from the same donor was performed concomitantly in another patient. Survival at 1 year was of 64% and at 5 years of 50%. At the time of this report, 12 patients are alive, the most recent with a 2- months post-transplant evolution and the oldest with 7 years-10 months. Eleven patients are in functional class I, one in II. Two patients are in rehabilitation, and 10 are already rehabilitated. The initial immunosuppressor scheme in all patients consisted of cyclosporine-A (CyA), steroids, and azathioprine. From the 12 deaths that have occurred, five patients died due to infection.
Conclusion: Mortality and survival coincide with the reports in the medical literature.

Key words: Heart, transplantation, morbidity, mortality.


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>Journals >Cirujano General >Year 2002, Issue 2

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