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Alvarado-García R, Uribe-Ramos D, Gallego-Grijalva JE
Recuperation of intestinal motility after appendectomy in children. Oral hydration vs parenteral hydration
Cir Cir 2001; 69 (3)

Language: Español
References: 17
Page: 118-122
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Hypospadias is an alteration in the formation of the urethra in which the urinary meatus lies in an abnormal position in the ventral part of the penis. It is present in one of 300 births, the most frequent, distal being located (70%). For surgical correction there are several techniques supported by the use of flaps. Material and method: There were included the cases of distal hypospadias operated between February 1979 and February 1997, using the Mathieu technique, considering as variables the type of hypospadias, hormonal treatment, complications, and antibiotic treatment, in addition to functional and cosmetic results. In regarde to results there were included in the study a total of 61 pacients, 44 with subcoronal hypospadias (72.1%), 14 with coronal hypospadias (22.9%) and three with glanular hypospadias (4.9%). There were nine cases of stenosis identified. A total 83.1% were on the base, and the remaining were located between the base and the meatus. There were 18 cases with fistula, four on coronal hypospadias (80% in the base) and 14 in subcoronal cases (43% in the base). There were three cases of diverticulum, all in the subcoronal cases. Good functional and cosmetic results were obtained in 90% of the cases. On analysis we found a higher rate of fistulas than other series (29%); however, the Mathieu technique represents an excellent choice for patients with distal hypospadias given the high percentage of good cosmetic and functional results even with the complications presented.

Key words: , Hypospadias, Mathieu, Fistula, Stenosis, Diverticulum.


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>Journals >Cirugía y Cirujanos >Year 2001, Issue 3

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