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Rodríguez PCM, Pérez HR, Alfonso HO
Tibia elongation up to fourteen centimeters in cape verdean girl
Rev Ciencias Médicas 2014; 18 (2)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 354-361
PDF: 182.13 Kb.

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Introduction: lower limbs discrepancy is due to numerous causes, either congenital or sequels of several diseases. External fixators, in their various presentations, are designed to solve this problem, above all when the elongation is larger than ten centimeters.
Case presentation: female patient, black race, 14 years old, with antecedents of septic arthritis in left hip, being a sequel a 18-cm elongation of the left lower limb. Besides presenting a left equinovarus foot countervailing for strolling, in the rest of the physical examination no data of interest was collected that indicate any circulatory affection, nervous conduction, or muscular force of that limb, reason why it is concluded to start the 14-cm elongation from a tibia and fibula proximal corticotomy at different level and the placement of a metaphysiary distracting fixator RALCA to elongation at 1 mm per day up to the wanted length, and thus to prepare the patient for the future placement of a total hip prosthesis.
Conclusions: the external fixator RALCA metaphysiary distracting device is a good choice for elongations over 10cm in children tibia with the minimum of complications, providing safeness in the ossification of the new bone.

Key words: Infectious arthritis, External fixators.


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>Journals >Revista de Ciencias Médicas de Pinar del Río >Year 2014, Issue 2

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