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>Journals >Evidencia Médica e Investigación en Salud >Year 2015, Issue 3

Almaguer ALM, Ceballos ZJ, Méndez-Vivas WR
Spindle-cell sarcoma of ocular conjunctiva, a case report and literature review
Evid Med Invest Salud 2015; 8 (3)

Language: Español
References: 10
Page: 135-138
PDF: 692.03 Kb.

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Ocular sarcomas in patients without acquired immunodeficiency syndrome are extremely rare entities; there are few reported cases of sarcomas originated in the conjunctiva. However, there has recently been a significant increase in reporting of ocular sarcomas and ocular adnexal due to the epidemic of the human immunodeficiency virus. We present a male patient aged 63 with a history of granulomatous neoformation in the left eye at the level of the conjunctiva, near the outer edge, lasting 12 months. Non-oncologic resection of the lesion was performed by an eye surgeon in November 2013, with a histopathological report of malignant mesenchymal tumor with spindle cell pattern with IHC vimentin- positive++++; he presented progressive recurrent tumor growth in the presence of blurred vision at nine months of resection. Exenteration of the left eye was performed without complications; the postoperative course was adequate. The surgical specimen was sent to pathology, reporting low-grade spindle-cell sarcoma. We decided to present the case because of its rarity.

Key words: Conjunctival sarcoma, mesenchymal tumor, orbital exenteration.


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>Journals >Evidencia Médica e Investigación en Salud >Year 2015, Issue 3

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