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Estrada GCB
Abdominal dermolipectomy associated with incisional herniorrafy. Carlos Manuel de Céspedes hospital. January 2010- July 2012.
Mul Med 2013; 17 (4)

Language: Español
References: 39
Page: 1-13
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The abdominal wall deformities are frequent because they cause serious aesthetical, functional and psychological disorders in our environment and they are a consulting reason in the services of Plastic and General Surgery. It was performed a descriptive and prospective research to describe the evolution of the abdominal dermolipectomy associated to the incisional herniorraphy at Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Hospital in Bayamo during the period January 2010 to July 2012.There were included the 67 patients that came to the consult presenting pendulum abdomen and incisional hernia. The information was obtained checking the clinical antecedents, anesthesia protocol and surgery report of these patients. It did not exist limitations for the study. The processing of the information was estimated by percentage of the applied variables. It prevailed the age between 30 to 39 years old patients and females were the most affected. The pain of back abdomen was the mostly referred symptom by patients and a big herniary ring and pendulum abdomen were the abdominal wall deformities. Only 11 patients presented post surgery complications and the final esthetics results evaluated after 6 months demonstrated the best result and good evolution. The behavior was similar in the rest of the country and in the whole world.

Key words: lipectomy, hernia ventral/surgery.


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